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Matt Summer Productions are present their brand new magical family pantomime, Cinderella!

On the day of Cinderella’s Birthday, the evil Baroness Hard Up, Cinderella’s stepmother and her two Ugly Sisters return from their holiday in America. Cinderella will meet by chance a handsome Prince Charming, but she never gives him her name. The Prince must search for the girl he met in the forest and he holds a Royal Ball. A fabulous event where one girl enters in disguise and escapes unnamed, leaving behind only a crystal slipper. The Prince declares, whoever the slipper fits, he shall marry!


Only the fabulous Fairy Godmother and the adorable Buttons can help Cinderella on her magical journey!


Featuring sensational scenery and costumes, toe-tapping songs and incredible special effects, this year's show is sure to be a hit with all the family.


Featuring a hilarious and modern script that our audiences can relate to.


This pantomime is available to Theatres and entertainment venues in the UK.

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